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"LOGO TAP" - Take control of your bar sales!

LSD ltd. proudly introduces the most complete range of alcohol dispense solutions "LOGO TAP".

You can download our presentation HERE

The System serves 10 spirit shots every 30 seconds, reducing customer waiting time and queues at the bar, resulting in happy customers and healthier profits!The revolutionary technology means that there is no more waiting for optics to refill and the amount dispensed is always the exact measure. Contented customers stay longer and return more regularly to enjoy the efficiency of it!

Not only the fastest dispensing system in the World but the most secure system too, as the locking rack prevents bottles being removed, dispensed or tampered when the bar is closed!

Can be programmed to meet the specific requirements of each individual installation from just simply stylish optic dispense to total control of the entire bar flow with total reconciliation of sales to stock inventory linked to an Epos till and/or downloaded to an Excel spreadsheet.

Profit increase is guaranteed, as there is no more:

  • - Wrong measures and wastage;
  • - Theft of stock and suspicion on staff;
  • - Customers queuing and bar staff waiting to serve;
  • - Excessive administration and counting of stocks;
  • - Messy back bars and searching for bottles.

Our motto is speed control design, and its success can be solely attributed to its innovation, reliability and versatility.

Now you can take your system on credit in association withUniCreditLeasing.